Write a review to be posted!

If you want your review about a teen book on my blog, then you clicked the right page. The steps to have your review on my blog are as so,

1. Read the book (duh!)

2. Write your review. It will need to include your name/screen name (no last names please, only your first name or a screen name) book title, author’s name, picture of book, the price of the book, (original price, not however much YOU paid because you got it on sale) the amount of pages, year the edition that you read was published, a summary of at least 5 sentences, what you thought of the book paragraph that is at least 4 sentences. (don’t be too harsh if it was a horrible book)

3. Email to me ( bellasbrightbookshelf@gmail.com )

4. I will email you if your post is published or… you can just follow me… ;)!. Even though it will say the post is by Bella, at the bottom I will write that it was written by you, and I will write your screen name or first name, whichever you provided me with.

Note: Not all posts that are sent to me will be published, and I may edit your post.

– Bella

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