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The Mind Readers

Published February 17, 2016 by Bella


I got this fabulous book for free on my new kindle!

Author Lori Brighton

Pages 234

Price Free on Amazon Kindle


Cameron has a secret power that she thought not many other people would possess. Cameron can read minds! When Cameron realizes a really good friend of hers is dating a murderer, she has to warn her. Cameron doesn’t know what exactly she should do, until the new guy in town comes to help her. The new guy, Lewis takes her to a place where she can learn more about her powers. When she arrives there, secrets are suddenly revealed, and she learn to only trust herself.

My Thoughts

The beginning of this book immediately grabs your attention with “The man sitting across from me at the cafe was thinking about murdering his wife,” (Brighton, pg.1). I think that the format of the book is well plotted, especially with all the secrets coming here and there. Throughout the entire book, I was screaming in my head, don’t trust him, but Cameron just wouldn’t listen…. I love her kind heart, it was one of the only things she would listen to. My favorite character is Maddox, you’ll find him later in the book. He’s so mysterious, and I love how at the ending it seemed like there is something more going on between them. The series is so addicting! As soon as I finished the first book, I immediately got addicted to the series. I didn’t think I had any money on amazon, but when I realized I did, I started reading and didn’t stop!

Unmarked-The Legion Book 2

Published February 8, 2016 by Bella


Author Kami Garcia

Pages 382

Price $18.00


When Kennedy accidentally releases a demon into the world, life goes crazy. Murderers everywhere, violence and hate spread, love is torn apart. Kennedy is now in custody of her aunt, who sends her to Winterhaven Academy. Luckily she is rescued by her boyfriend, Jared. Kennedy, Jared, and the rest of the legion members try to stop the demonic activity. New acquaintances are made, secrets are revealed, and lives are destroyed.

My Thoughts

I love how the beginning of the book does a flash forward, grabbing your attention. The middle of the book did get very boring, but here and there something would pop up. I hated how Kennedy’s aunt died, but I loved how Alara and Kennedy’s aunt’s dog had a connection. On the cover it has a review that says “A rare sequel that surpasses the original.”-Ransom Riggs, Hollow City. I have to disagree with that, although this book was great, it couldn’t beat Unbreakable. *SPOILER* (skip to the unitalicized part if you don’t want to read it) I love how Kennedy is actually part of the illuminati! The relationship between Kennedy’s Parents is like the relationship in the mind readers series. They both parted ways because they were on opposite sides. I would have reviewed Unbreakable, but I read Unmarked right after, and the ideas between the books were combined. I learned about the series from my school library, every year my state picks 10-20 for elementary schools, middle school, and high school, and features these books. Unbreakable, is one of these books. I don’t like the cover design for both books, I think it could be better. But, the saying on the inside of the book “Protect Yourself. What you Can’t See Can Hurt You. ” makes up for it.



The Oath Saga: Whispering Wind

Published July 28, 2015 by Bella

Cover of Whispering WInd

Author Karlie Mavre

Pages 482

Original Price $16.99 on amazon


Taryn has been hiding her entire life, because of her unique abilities. When she moves away to Williams, her mom actually lets her out of the house! Taryn is so excited when she learns that she can go to public school. But, the truth unfolds that she is secretly a Gaias. She learns that she has a power that is forbidden to use by the elder council, and if the elder council is notified, she will be killed. Having this magnificent power brings a lot of danger to her, but she escapes whatever danger is brought to her. Larkin, is also a Gaias, and has dreamt of this girl since his 12th birthday. When Larkin learns about her arrival in Williams, he is drawn to her. Even with all the action and drama in this wonderful book, Karlie Marve and Karin Reeve still add a beautiful romance story.

My Thoughts

I was absolutely obsessed with this book. I can’t believe I read this book in 2 days! This book is amazing. I like the events and the outcomes of the events. My favorite character was Larkin, because he is so sweet to Taryn. I also thought it was interesting that Larkin has dreams about Taryn. I also liked how he slept outside her window to make sure she was safe. Although the chapters were too long, Karlie Marve and Karin Reeve have done a wonderful job creating a great paranormal-romance story that all romance readers and paranormal readers will love. I am so excited that Karlie Marve is letting me review the first 3 books, because I just know this is a great series!

Quilla’s Sky

Published July 27, 2015 by Bella

Cover of Quilla’s Sky

Author Shondra Hilliard

Pages 52

Price Free on Kindle Store


Quilla does not live a normal life, thanks to her abnormal wings. Quilla is never allowed out of her house, she is home schooled, and has daily tests run on her by the government. And to make matters worse, she is not allowed to fly, ever! Finally, on her birthday she is let out of the house for the first time, but she to go to this extreme cabin. In the cabin, other abnormalities attack Quilla. If Quilla does not pass the test, she dies because of it. At the end of this book, Quilla passes 3 tests, and gets ready for the next horrifying tests that are coming.

My Thoughts

This is a great short story to read that can definitely keep you occupied. In the beginning this book was a little confusing, but it slowly makes more sense as you keep reading. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series! I’m sure that the next book will be wonderful, with the cliffhanger at the ends of this book. This is a great series, and you can buy the first book for free on amazon! (Which makes the book even better!)  Get Shondra Hilliard’s book for free by clicking the link below.

Quilla’s Sky on Amazon

Angel Diaries:Volume 1

Published July 18, 2015 by Bella

Author Larissa M. Hinton

Pages 334

Original Price $2.99 on Kindle


In volume 1 of the Angel Diaries, Lindsey is so tired of dealing with Phillip, her boyfriend and Luke, her ex. Hey boyfriend and her ex won’t stop getting in fights over her. Plus, her mom has been acting stranger then usual, like she is hiding something from Lindsey. Lindsey’s mom finally tells Lindsey that she is secretly an angel. But, Lindsey learns that she is in danger, because her dad (that she never met) is a witch trying to kill her. Lindsey still has to find out if she is going to break up with her boyfriend, or get back together with her ex. To help Lindsey make her decision, Phillip shows who he really is.


I really liked this book because it was action packed, and dramatic. I was super excited that Phillip turned out being evil, because I thought Lindsey and Luke make the best couple ever! Although I thought this book went by a little too quickly, the rest of this book was great. My favorite character was Lindsey, because she was really nice and kind. She always wanted to do the right thing. Lindsey is super sweet! I cannot wait for the next book to come out! Make sure to read this book ASAP!

Peachville High Demons books 1-3

Published July 14, 2015 by Bella

Boxed set of the first 3 books.

Book 1 Beautiful Demons

Book 2 Inner Demons

Book 3 Bitter Demons

Author Sarra Cannon

Pages Unknown

Original Price Free on Kindle

Summary of first 3 books

In this series, Harper learns that she is a witch when she moves to Peachville. Peachville’s coven of witches (The Order) takes demons from their own world, and puts it inside an 18 year old witch. But Harper learns that she isn’t an ordinary witch, she is the Prima, the powerful witch in the Order. If she dies without having a baby, the gate to the demon world closes. Harper feels like The Order is hiding secrets from her, and Harper dislikes it. When Harper realizes what happens after you turn 18, she is horrified. And as soon as Harper gets a deeper understanding of the situation, she is even more scared. With all the attention that Harper gets, she isn’t sure she wants to be the Prima. And when there is so many people wanting to kill her, she definitely wishes she wasn’t the Prima.

My Thoughts

I really got in to this series, because of all the dramatic events and injuries. I love all the action this book has, and I love the setting. My favorite character was Jackson Hunt because of his crazy backstory. When I found out that Jackson had been in the yearbook for 50 years, I thought he was some kind of spirit. i would have never thought he was a trapped demon! I love all the secrets and mysteries in the book! The coolest part about the first 3 books is that they are free on kindle! I cant wait to get the 4th book!

Entropis (a preview review of the first 3 chapters)

Published June 28, 2015 by Bella


Author Laurie Blake

Note You can read the first and second chapter of the Entropis (the second one just come out today!) on the schism series website! Just click the link below.

 Schism Series Website


In the first 3 chapters in the first book of the schism series the first schism happens. A girl gains magical powers to help the building that the schism occurred in so that the building does not go out of existence. The girl needs to find the heart of the schism to fix it, but it’s hard to concentrate when her boyfriend just died and then tried to attack her. In the building crazy unimaginable things come into reality and the characters find themselves in life or death situations.

My Thoughts

I can’t wait to finish reading the book when it comes out. Thanks to Laurie Blake, I was able to review the first 3 chapters and post a review about them on my blog!  I like this book because it’s a scary novel that gives the right amount of horror, the kind that makes the book interesting and scary without keeping you scared at night. It is a mix of sci-fi, horror and mystery, so it is enjoyable for anyone who prefers those genres. I’m excited to see what happens next in this new novel by Laurie Blake.I am curios to find out  how the new girl handles her new magic powers, if she can actually handle them without anything going out of control. This series reminds me of one of my favorite series, A Series of Unfortunate Events with the characters in deadly situations but they always manage to survive, I hope these characters can use their skills to survive too.

Monstrous Beauty

Published June 1, 2015 by Bella

2012 paperback version of the book Monstrous Beauty.

Author Elizabeth Fama

Pages 295

Original Price $17.99



Mermaid Syrenka falls in love with a mortal named Ezra. and kills a man to make herself mortal so they can be together. When someone follows Sarah (Syrenka) around, her deepest and darkest secret slowly unravels and the few people who find out are thinking of killing her. But, when they test her to see if she really is a monster……… everything goes wrong. Everyone in the area ends up dying. Ezra saves Syrenka, by trading his organs to fix hers (along with some of Syrenka’s sisters’ mermaid magic), but when Syrenka  realizes what has happened, she also uses some mermaid magic and takes a baby’s soul to make sure Ezra’s soul will stay on the beach. After the soul trading happened, she is heartbroken when she learns that the soulless baby, is her long lost baby she has been looking for for years. And that is when the curse started…… the rest of the generations in her mortal family die within a week after giving birth to their first baby.

2002 (130 years later)

Hester cannot fall in love. No. Matter. What. Because the same cycle happens again in her family, love, birth, death. Hester claims it is an unexplained genetic abnormality, but she begins to believe it could be a curse. Hester tries to dig deep into her family’s history and when she finally learns the truth, she learns that the truth can put her in danger. In the end, Hester saves her friends, her hometown, and maybe she may have even save herself, and the rest of her family.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book because it was the mystery thriller I have been waiting to read. I like how the author plotted the mystery in this book. I can tell that Elizabeth Fama spent time creating the mystery in this book. She sets the scene well in the beginning of the book, but the it was a little confusing to me. The author used descriptive words to set a vision in your head. If there was anything I would change about this book, I think it would be more interesting if the author used a different point of view instead of first person.

Interesting Fact

Elizabeth Fama and Eric Fama Cochrane joined to write a graphic novel prequel called Treasure Game.