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The Siren

Published April 28, 2016 by Bella

The Siren by Kiera Cass shocked me! I was amazed!


Her family died, and she almost went done with them, if it wasn’t for Her. The Ocean saved her. Now, Kahlen must serve the Ocean after she saved her life. She is a siren, she sings people to their death so the Ocean can swallow them. When Kahlen begins to break the rules of her 100 year sentence, punishments can be severe. 


How could a happy ending be so sad at the same time?! There were so many emotions, I felt like Kahlen. It reminds me a lot of the little mermaid in a way, although Ariel couldn’t talk, Kahlen can talk, but she won’t. It was very well formatted. I was intrigued to see how this book was going to turn out, it didn’t seem anything like The Selection Series. It was great! It just proves that Kiera Cass can make any genre amazing with her writing techniques. Kiera Cass can always add exceptional emotions, and her book covers are astonishing! I felt like I was on a roll at coaster throughout the wholes novel. Hope there’s a sequel!

Love this quote!

Meditations in Wonderland

Published February 3, 2016 by Bella

My debut review! I hope you guys enjoy!

Author Anna Patrick

Pages 225

Price $13.28-Paperback-Amazon

When Elizabeth meditates, she wakes up in a new world, Wonderland. She doesn’t know where she is, until Alice meets her. Alice threatens her and sends “A-like” (Pretty Little Liars) messages. When Elizabeth tries to find Alice, all the creatures metioned Alice being Elizabeth’s twin. Elizabeth goes on a wild mission that helps her discover her inner  self.
My Thoughts

I enjoyed Meditations inWonderland, but I got bored and confused a few times. As soon as I saw the first letter from Alice I got excited because I knew it was going to get good. The beginning is a little difficult to understand. Which is also a down for me. I liked how the characters in the original book are some much like the characters in this book. My favorite character is the Chestire Cat, because he’s so unpredictable. He’s sneaky, he’s mysterious. He draws your attention. I did get bored with the book a few times, having to force myself to go on, but interesting things came in eventually. Anna Patrick did a great job describing the settings, every time I could imagine Elizabeth in a different place.

Cold Spell

Published September 20, 2015 by Bella


Author Jackson Pearce

Pages 323

Price 18.00


When Kai disappears from Ginny’s life, Ginnny goes on a crazy search to find him. She meets new people and makes new friends. Join Ginny on her journey while reading Cold Spell

My Thoughts

Jackson Pearce does it again, another successful story that readers will die for. I think it’s really cool that it ties in with the book Sweetly. Both books have a girl tied in with the monsters, and the monsters in both books are the fenris. My favorite character is Mora. I think she is the most interesting character because she is not what most of the character in the book expect her to be. I also admire Flannery because she does what she wants to do, even though people tell her she can’t. She is probably the most strong and independent character in the book. I didn’t like Kai that much though, he wanted to be more like the others, but he didn’t want to be himself. The plot was great, and the denouement (new word I learned) is great. I think the epilogue is great, and I liked knowing what happened next for the characters. 


Published July 6, 2015 by Bella

Author Chanda Hahn

Pages 255

Original Price Unknown


Mina Grime’s last name is always made fun of, but then Mina learns that’s not even her real last name, and more info about her family history. Mina saves Brody’s life, the cutest boy in school, and finally gets noticed by people. When Mina comes home that day, her mom was getting ready to move to Alaska. Mina demands to know why they always move when Mina becomes noticed at school. Her mom explains that she is a Grimm and is running from the Grimm curse. To break the curse you would have to go through over 200 fairytales, and they are very deadly. Mina’s dad died at 10, and the Grimm brothers made it to 190. Mina ends up completing 3 stories with the help of the grimoire by the end of this book. But, Brody forgets that they were ever a couple, and the place where Mina saved Brody’s life is gone disappears. Mina starts to wonder if Brody ever liked him or were the feelings he had for her only created by the story.

                      My Thoughts

I liked this fairytale retelling, but there wasn’t anything special about it. A lot of fairytale retellings start with a kid not knowing he/she is a descendant of a Grimm. Besides that I enjoyed watching Mina complete the tales. I was really sad that Brody forgot about his relationship with Mina., but I have a good feeling they are going to get back together in the next book


Published June 10, 2015 by Bella

June 2011 edition of Sweetly Look closely, do YOU see that spooky face??!!

Author Jackson pearce

Pages 310

Original Price $17.99


As kids, Ansel and Gretchen feared the woods, after the incident that happened when a mysterious being, which they called a witch at that time, took their sister, Abigail. When their mom died, their dad remarried. And, when their dad died, their stepmother finally threw them out. So they drove as far away as they could with all their belongings and a low amount of money. Then, their car broke down in an almost abandoned town, Live Oak. Ansel and Gretchen end up with a chocolateir named Sophia Kelly, but Sophia is hated by the remains of the towns, because they balme her for all the missing girls that were last seen at her chocolate festival. With the help of Samuel, the only other person in town that most people dislike, Gretchen learns that it isn’t a witch in the woods, it’s something far more dangerous. Also, Sophia Kelly isn’t what she seems….

My Thoughts

This book was a great mystery, and the author left clues here and there so the reader may find out the mystery before Sophia reveals what’s really going on. This book was super scary, it kept me up at night thinking that if I finish the book, it won’t be as scary. The author came up with a good twist to the original story, Hansel and Gretel. I viewed the marketing plan and I think the author could’ve used a little more creativity, but I liked her dedicated website idea. I wish Jackson would’ve gone through with it. I am differently reading more of his twisted fairy tale classics!

Monstrous Beauty

Published June 1, 2015 by Bella

2012 paperback version of the book Monstrous Beauty.

Author Elizabeth Fama

Pages 295

Original Price $17.99



Mermaid Syrenka falls in love with a mortal named Ezra. and kills a man to make herself mortal so they can be together. When someone follows Sarah (Syrenka) around, her deepest and darkest secret slowly unravels and the few people who find out are thinking of killing her. But, when they test her to see if she really is a monster……… everything goes wrong. Everyone in the area ends up dying. Ezra saves Syrenka, by trading his organs to fix hers (along with some of Syrenka’s sisters’ mermaid magic), but when Syrenka  realizes what has happened, she also uses some mermaid magic and takes a baby’s soul to make sure Ezra’s soul will stay on the beach. After the soul trading happened, she is heartbroken when she learns that the soulless baby, is her long lost baby she has been looking for for years. And that is when the curse started…… the rest of the generations in her mortal family die within a week after giving birth to their first baby.

2002 (130 years later)

Hester cannot fall in love. No. Matter. What. Because the same cycle happens again in her family, love, birth, death. Hester claims it is an unexplained genetic abnormality, but she begins to believe it could be a curse. Hester tries to dig deep into her family’s history and when she finally learns the truth, she learns that the truth can put her in danger. In the end, Hester saves her friends, her hometown, and maybe she may have even save herself, and the rest of her family.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book because it was the mystery thriller I have been waiting to read. I like how the author plotted the mystery in this book. I can tell that Elizabeth Fama spent time creating the mystery in this book. She sets the scene well in the beginning of the book, but the it was a little confusing to me. The author used descriptive words to set a vision in your head. If there was anything I would change about this book, I think it would be more interesting if the author used a different point of view instead of first person.

Interesting Fact

Elizabeth Fama and Eric Fama Cochrane joined to write a graphic novel prequel called Treasure Game.

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