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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Published July 30, 2015 by Bella

Author Jesse Andrews

Pages 295

Original Price $9.99


Greg has kept a low profile, until Greg’s mom made him hang out with a girl (Rachel) who was recently diagnosed with leukemia cancer. Rachel is the only person that Greg and Earl let watch their horrible movies, and Rachel seems to enjoy them a ton. When Rachel’s friend asks Greg and Earl to make a movie about Rachel, Greg and Earl go through lots of different ideas. But, each of them were pretty bad. In the end, Greg realizes that he should hold onto what he has, because when it’s gone, you wish you had more time.

My Thoughts

This has to be one of my favorite books ever! But, I think that about most books soooo……. 😉 This book made me smile, laugh, cry, and think. It’s pretty horrible how easy it is to lose someone. My favorite character was Rachel, because she was fun, but a little awkward. When this book said that it was the funniest book I have ever read about death, I didn’t know what to expect.I would say that this book is funny, but I didn’t really like the term “The funniest book you’ll ever read about death”. I really like this book a ton! I can’t wait to watch the movie and obsess about how the movie has it all wrong! LOL 😉


Published July 12, 2015 by Bella


Author Natasha Preston

Pages 262

Original Price Unknown, all ebook readers sell for $0.00


Oakley has been mute for almost 11 years now. Nobody knows why, and nobody knows when she will speak again, if she ever speaks again. Oakley has one friend, Cole. Cole is always protective of Oakley when people are playing jokes on her. Cole is in love with Oakley, and Oakley is in love with Cole. They get together during their summer vacation, but don’t tell they’re parents yet. But when Oakley is in trouble, will she finally speak up?

My Thoughts 

I definitely enjoyed this book, because the plot was very interesting. There was NOTHING that I disliked. I loved the characters, the plot, the ending, the details, and the genre (contemporary/romance). My favorite character was definitely Kerry, because she wouldn’t stop talking! She is so like me!!! I think it’s a great marketing idea to have the first book free, then at the end of the first book is a cliffhanger. This book is definitely a great read, I would recommend to any YA contemporary or romance book lovers. This series is very addicting!

A Dog’s Journey

Published May 26, 2015 by Bella

2012 paperback copy of the book A Dog’s Journey. Look how cute the beagle is!!

Author W. Bruce Cameron

Pages 331

Original Price $5.99


A Dog’s Journey is about a dog that reincarnates to be with his owner, Clarity. Clarity (who goes by C.J.) has been through a lot during her life, especially when her mom, Gloria is a bad role model. But, Buddy (original dog name) helps C.J. go through all the depressing, joyful, exciting, and scary moments throughout her entire life.

My Thoughts

I really liked A Dog’s Journey because it was very interesting and eventful. Different events kept on popping up throughout this novel. I think W. Bruce Cameron put a lot of thought into this book, as it is shown through the characters and emotional and meaningful words in his book.

Note: This book is part of a series, you may want to read the first book before you read this book. Yet, if you want to start this book first, it will not be confusing like most other series books are.


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