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Love, Defined Book Blitz-Review+Excerpt 

Published August 7, 2015 by Bella

Hi! I am currently on the Love, Defined book blitz. I will have a summary, an excerpt and a review. If you would like to learn even more info about Lola’s Blog Tours or the author Leila Tualla, check out Lola’s Blog Tours

Author Leila Tualla

Pages 181

Price 13.99 on Amazon


Three young women experience love and it’s ups and downs. Lori goes to London with her grandfather. Plus, she also gets to finally meet the guy she met online. When Lori’s grandfather finds them making out in the hotel lobby, he begins to wonder if Lori was just using him to go to London and it was all about seeing that boy. Alex was raised as a Catholic, but she wants to join her friend’s church which is a non-denominational church. Alex also has feelings for this friend, but doesn’t know how to express them. Andy finds the boy she had a major crush on when she was a freshman. When she sees him at a bar with another girl, she gets crazy jealous and finds a random cute guy. But, when she gets drunk she starts doing things that will give her major consequences.


Half an hour later, Pete and Lori moved into a bigger room with a tiny balcony on the sixth floor. This time the décor wasn’t as grotesque as downstairs. Its deep crimson carpet accented the beige with crimson stripped bedspread and pillows.

“It matches,” she groaned happily hugging the pillows to her chest before walking over with her luggage to a small closet to unpack. She took out a chrome folding luggage rack and lifted her suitcase on top of it, to have better access to her clothes and keep her clothes off the carpet. She was a bit of a germaphobe and had a thing about setting suitcases on hotel floors. Images of roaches, bed bugs or whatever else might crawl into the dark crevice of her luggage that would become new roommates when she got home made her shiver. She pulled two different pairs of flip-flops; one to walk around the hotel room in and the other to shower with.

“Where’s the adapter?” Pete asked, rummaging through his luggage. She shrugged and took out her phone and camera from her backpack that was on the bed. From her suitcase, she took out bath supplies and a change of clothes.

“When are we meeting your friend?” She looked up and saw him regarding her, curiously.

“I told him to meet us in an hour and a half.” She tried to find the accessories for her wardrobe that were key pieces in her first impression outfit date. She and Alex tried all sorts of outfits, but that seemed so long ago and she couldn’t remember what went with what. She ended up choosing a pale blue floral print romper and paired it chunky cobalt necklace with matching studs that brought out the color in her eyes. She laid the accessories next to her phone and camera.

“I forgot, where did you say you two met again?” He stopped looking for his adapter and settled in a small chair by the window.

For a moment, Lori thought about telling him the truth and confessing that she met Colin online, but the chances of him agreeing to meet the guy was slim to none. “He was an exchange student I met in high school.” She figured that was a borderline truth as she met a lot of exchange students in high school. It stands to reason that someone there could have been named Colin or be British. I mean, who really keeps track of these things? She thought, rifling to the bottom of the suitcase to find flats.

“What does he do?”

“Grandpa, I told you all about him a few months ago.” She was starting to get annoyed and a little worried that her story might have gotten mixed up since then. “You’ll meet him later and you can ask him yourself.” And before he could start again, she grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom.

Fully refreshed minutes later, Lori started to feel confident about her trip. She looked around the room for an outlet to plug her curling iron in. “Grandpa, do we have any extra outlets or what?”

He was by the vanity sink brushing his teeth and washing his face. “No, just unplug my video camera. It’s over there by the desk.” He started humming a song she didn’t recognize. She went to a small desk that was flushed against the wall.

There was a mirror that was hanging over the desk that she was thankful for. She sat down on the leather desk chair and looked at the outlets just below and to the right of the mirror. A tall lamp by the desk illuminated the two used outlets. One was being occupied by the lamp, and the other, by Pete’s video camera. The video camera had been charging for a few minutes and she noticed that the battery level was at its peak. She quickly unplugged the camera and replaced it with her curling iron. The second she turned it on, she was astonished by the spark that instantly came alive in her hands. Without warning, the room went dark and the hum of the air conditioner stopped altogether.

“Christ!” she heard Pete cry in the dark. “What happened?”

Lori still had her curling iron in her hand and it dawned on her that she might have blown a fuse. She stood up slowly and everything about the past two days washed over. Without any care or thought about what it might look like, a twenty two year old woman, curling iron in one hand; Lori Hanson, who rarely cried, wept for the second time in just a thirty six hour period.

“I think I blew a fuse,” she cried between sobs. She was becoming increasingly aware of the noises outside their door. That must be the other guests wondering what happened. “This is a sign!”

Pete groped his way in the darkness and patted her shoulder. “Now, now, Lori, honey. You don’t believe in signs, remember?”

If that was an attempt to make her feel better, then he didn’t know his own granddaughter very well. She wiped her tears and tried to coherently ask, “What are you going to tell them downstairs?”

Pete thought a minute. “Well, the truth, I guess. They have lousy outlets and a cheap wiring system. I don’t know, but just calm down.” He made his way to the door and opened it. She was treated to a chorus of several foreign languages mixed with English that belonged to at least twenty people down their hall. They didn’t sound very friendly at all and Lori could only hope that Pete would tell them lies so they wouldn’t be the most hated people in London.

Lori wiped her tears. If she thought this afternoon was a sign, then she didn’t think about what her grandfather would really think about seeing London with a stranger. She tried not to think about it. You don’t believe in signs, she told herself, this is just a weird coincidence. She breathed deeply and reached over to unplug her curling iron. More sparks came her way; causing her to groan and sit back on the chair with a thud

My Thoughts

The beginning of this book is slow, but a lot of books are slow in the beginning sooooo………. It gets better really quickly though. I like the idea of the book, and I like how in the beginning of each chapter, there is a quote from one of the characters about love. My favorite quote was from Lori in chapter 6, “Love always comes with speed bumps, traffic jams, and sharp curves ahead.” To me it’s saying that love has its ups and downs. I feel like the message in the book has to do with forgiveness, because of the situations the characters are in. I also liked in each chapter the point of view changed. My favorite character has to be Andy because she is very loose and free spirited. She is always doing crazy things, but still makes a lot of mistakes. But, she has 2 great friends to get her out of it all. When I finished this book last night, I went to bed thinking about it. I felt like this book put me in awe. It is definitely a great book. I hope Leila Tualla makes a sequel!!

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