We Were Liars

Published April 7, 2016 by Bella

Author E. Lockhart

Pages 227


Join Cadence during her summer 17 at the Sinclair private island. She hasn’t been to the island ever since she had the accident in summer 15. Now she can’t remember anything from that summer. She wonders what happened, but the pieces never seem to fit. What happened when she was in the water? Why did Gat leave her? What gave her the injury that caused the constant migraines? As her memory slowly recovers, she learns the truth of what really happened during summer 15.


After I finished reading the book, I was like… whoa. It gave me that same ending feeling that The Book Thief gave me. At first the book seemed boring, but for some reason I was so interested in it. The paragraph I remember the most is *spoiler alert may want to skip through the italicized paragraph*

     Fatima and Prince Philip, burning. Sniffing the hot door, breathing in smoke, wagging their tails hopefully, waiting for someone to them, barking. (Lockhart, pg. 190)

That paragraph really spoke to me. Lockhart must of really had to get into character, because that is probably exactly how the dogs felt. I kept telling myself, this isn’t real, this isn’t real. It was such a scary moment and I really felt the emotion. I love dogs if you can’t tell. The book gets much more upsetting through book 5, The Truth.

I really do love the book, it’s just so emotional. I can’t wait to share this book with Meryl, my BNF (book nerd friend), I know she’ll love it!

I also liked how the fairy tale stories came in. In a very small way, they seemed to relate to the story. I remember in the beginning of the book it says

    Read them and you hear echoes of one story inside another, then echoes of another inside of that. So many have the same premise: once upon a time, there were three. (Lockhart, pg. 43)

I was like, OMG, that is so true! I wonder who came up with all that 3 stuff…

My favorite character has to be Grandad. I like him the most in the middle of the book, where he loses his mind, and calls everyone the same name. H becomes very humorous. Although he is my favorite, there are things I don’t like about him, like how he is said to be racist.

This definitely is a good book, but I recommend borrowing it from a public library. I don’t think they make paperback copies of it, and it is at least $14.00 for sure. I personally don’t like owning books that I won’t read again unless they’re super cheap. Not saying that I don’t think this book is good enough to read again, but mysteries are not fun to reread, because you already know what is going to happen.


Deserves to be on your TBR list. Happy Reading!


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