The Mind Readers

Published February 17, 2016 by Bella


I got this fabulous book for free on my new kindle!

Author Lori Brighton

Pages 234

Price Free on Amazon Kindle


Cameron has a secret power that she thought not many other people would possess. Cameron can read minds! When Cameron realizes a really good friend of hers is dating a murderer, she has to warn her. Cameron doesn’t know what exactly she should do, until the new guy in town comes to help her. The new guy, Lewis takes her to a place where she can learn more about her powers. When she arrives there, secrets are suddenly revealed, and she learn to only trust herself.

My Thoughts

The beginning of this book immediately grabs your attention with “The man sitting across from me at the cafe was thinking about murdering his wife,” (Brighton, pg.1). I think that the format of the book is well plotted, especially with all the secrets coming here and there. Throughout the entire book, I was screaming in my head, don’t trust him, but Cameron just wouldn’t listen…. I love her kind heart, it was one of the only things she would listen to. My favorite character is Maddox, you’ll find him later in the book. He’s so mysterious, and I love how at the ending it seemed like there is something more going on between them. The series is so addicting! As soon as I finished the first book, I immediately got addicted to the series. I didn’t think I had any money on amazon, but when I realized I did, I started reading and didn’t stop!


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