Unmarked-The Legion Book 2

Published February 8, 2016 by Bella


Author Kami Garcia

Pages 382

Price $18.00


When Kennedy accidentally releases a demon into the world, life goes crazy. Murderers everywhere, violence and hate spread, love is torn apart. Kennedy is now in custody of her aunt, who sends her to Winterhaven Academy. Luckily she is rescued by her boyfriend, Jared. Kennedy, Jared, and the rest of the legion members try to stop the demonic activity. New acquaintances are made, secrets are revealed, and lives are destroyed.

My Thoughts

I love how the beginning of the book does a flash forward, grabbing your attention. The middle of the book did get very boring, but here and there something would pop up. I hated how Kennedy’s aunt died, but I loved how Alara and Kennedy’s aunt’s dog had a connection. On the cover it has a review that says “A rare sequel that surpasses the original.”-Ransom Riggs, Hollow City. I have to disagree with that, although this book was great, it couldn’t beat Unbreakable. *SPOILER* (skip to the unitalicized part if you don’t want to read it) I love how Kennedy is actually part of the illuminati! The relationship between Kennedy’s Parents is like the relationship in the mind readers series. They both parted ways because they were on opposite sides. I would have reviewed Unbreakable, but I read Unmarked right after, and the ideas between the books were combined. I learned about the series from my school library, every year my state picks 10-20 for elementary schools, middle school, and high school, and features these books. Unbreakable, is one of these books. I don’t like the cover design for both books, I think it could be better. But, the saying on the inside of the book “Protect Yourself. What you Can’t See Can Hurt You. ” makes up for it.




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