Sunday Book Spotlight

Published February 7, 2016 by Bella

Back Again, I see… I’m so happy your here to see my first Sunday Book Spotlight. I am giving this first spotlight to the book Buzzkill by Beth Fantaskey. This book is featured all over at schools in my state, and it’s an amazing book! 

     Someone killed the awful coach that nobody liked, and Millie is out to find the killer, and also when the highest journalism reward while she’s at it.When stakes are high and stress is bringing her down, Millie is revealed to a world that’s full of surprises, more that she already expected. But, it seems that the person who killed the coach may be on a killing spree. And, oh yeah, Millie’s dad is getting blamed for all of it. Find it the answers to your questions and more secrets and surprises while reading Buzzkill. 

     This book is so addicting. When my ELA class was first introduced to it we we all wanted to read Buzzkill, but I wanted it first. There as only 1 copy and everyone knows I’m the fastest reader, I still had to race over there and I did. I promised everyone that I would read it as quick as I can. When my friends got it, they realized why I adored this book so much and read it in a day. Everyone at my school loves Buzzkill.


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