Meditations in Wonderland

Published February 3, 2016 by Bella

My debut review! I hope you guys enjoy!

Author Anna Patrick

Pages 225

Price $13.28-Paperback-Amazon

When Elizabeth meditates, she wakes up in a new world, Wonderland. She doesn’t know where she is, until Alice meets her. Alice threatens her and sends “A-like” (Pretty Little Liars) messages. When Elizabeth tries to find Alice, all the creatures metioned Alice being Elizabeth’s twin. Elizabeth goes on a wild mission that helps her discover her inner  self.
My Thoughts

I enjoyed Meditations inWonderland, but I got bored and confused a few times. As soon as I saw the first letter from Alice I got excited because I knew it was going to get good. The beginning is a little difficult to understand. Which is also a down for me. I liked how the characters in the original book are some much like the characters in this book. My favorite character is the Chestire Cat, because he’s so unpredictable. He’s sneaky, he’s mysterious. He draws your attention. I did get bored with the book a few times, having to force myself to go on, but interesting things came in eventually. Anna Patrick did a great job describing the settings, every time I could imagine Elizabeth in a different place.


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