Cold Spell

Published September 20, 2015 by Bella


Author Jackson Pearce

Pages 323

Price 18.00


When Kai disappears from Ginny’s life, Ginnny goes on a crazy search to find him. She meets new people and makes new friends. Join Ginny on her journey while reading Cold Spell

My Thoughts

Jackson Pearce does it again, another successful story that readers will die for. I think it’s really cool that it ties in with the book Sweetly. Both books have a girl tied in with the monsters, and the monsters in both books are the fenris. My favorite character is Mora. I think she is the most interesting character because she is not what most of the character in the book expect her to be. I also admire Flannery because she does what she wants to do, even though people tell her she can’t. She is probably the most strong and independent character in the book. I didn’t like Kai that much though, he wanted to be more like the others, but he didn’t want to be himself. The plot was great, and the denouement (new word I learned) is great. I think the epilogue is great, and I liked knowing what happened next for the characters. 


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