ProtoStar (Star-Crossed Saga 1)

Published September 15, 2015 by Lonna | FLYLēF


by Braxton A. Cosby
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PROTOSTAR (THE STAR-CROSSED Saga 1), by Braxton A. Cosby, is a nicely paced science fiction and fantasy story. Young adult fans looking to read about love that transcends time and space, with a measure of action and suspense, will not be disappointed.

Young Prince William Derry, of the Torrian Alliance on Fabricius, accepts his first official mission to Earth to terminate the Star-child – a being with “an all-access pass to unadulterated, unstoppable, [and] uncontrollable power.” Upon contact with the Star-child, he discovers that this being is a smart and alluring 17-year-old female named Sydney. The closer he gets to Sydney, the deeper his feelings for her grow, and the more difficult it is for him to carry out his mission.

Meanwhile, back in Fabricius, King Gregorio Derry faces a different threat from warring fractions, namely the Dagmas Clan and Third Faction, both determined to overthrow the Torrian Alliance. William must destroy the Star-child to bring strength an honor to his family’s reign and crush any thoughts of treason. Can he?

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I’d hoped. Mr. Cosby’s writing style, particular the diction, was an obstacle. The word “disgust” elicits a very strong visceral reaction for me. I felt that it was used too liberally and casually. “[Sydney] quickly looked away to hide her disgust.” “William’s face wrinkled in disgust.” This prevented me from connecting with William and Sydney. Thus, their passionate love story was just lukewarm.

I did enjoy the suspenseful conspiracy in his home galaxy. I also liked how the story wrapped up nicely towards the end with an exciting climax, and a conclusion with a mysterious cliffhanger to pique my interest as to the fate of these star-crossed lovers in SuperNova (The Star-Crossed Saga 2).



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