Since you’ve been gone

Published August 30, 2015 by Bella


Author  Morgan Matson

Pages 449

Price $9.99


Emily and Sloane did everything together, until Sloane disappears. As soon as Emily realizes that her summer is going to be awful without Sloane, she receives a list of tasks. And of course, there are some easy things, and there are things Emily could never imagine. With the help of 3 people she meets along the weird journey to find her friend, she finds some things about herself too. 

My Thoughts

I love everything about this AMAZING book by Morgan Matson. I love the title! At first I thought it was a story about how a girl gets over a breakup with her boyfriend, but the actual idea of the story is way better. I think that the title is brilliant! It is well explained for the plot of the story. I think the cover is cool, but I don’t know if he girl on the cover is Sloane or Dawn. The characters are well-crafted and very different and unique. My favorite character is Collins because he is super funny and outgoing. He is a very interesting character, especially because he is very open. The items on the list are very….. odd. Most of the items have fabulous backstories with them. The romance between Frank and Emily is similar to the romance in Anna and the French Kiss. (Which I will be reviewing next). This book is had the combination of

  1. A beautiful and vibrant cover
  2. An interesting and well explained title
  3. Unique and well-crafted characters
  4. An addicting plot that will grab the reader’s attention
  5. The magnificent romance between Frank and Emily throughout the book.

You have to read this book!!! If I did ratings (which I don’t) this is a 5 star. Especially the edition with the Bonus Content, because you can see deleted scenes from the story!


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