Fluid Mechanics: A Fairy Tale

Published August 15, 2015 by Bella


Author Sarah Allen

Pages 54

Original Price $2.99 on Amazon 


Sarah Allen creates a fairytale that uses details of the infamous Grimn and Disney fairytales. You will also learn about fluid mechanics. In this book you will learn about the 2 famous scientists who created measurements that we use today. 

My Thoughts 

Whew! The short summary above was easy to create, while writing this review will be harder to write and a lot longer, because this book is fabulous! This is a great book, and I think it’s really cool how Sarah Allen combines the fairytale with the physics. I also liked how the fairytale in the story was based multiple fairytales and not one, which makes it more original. You don’t even realize that you’re learning physics until you read the last section in the novel, and when I read it I was like, “Woah! That actually makes sense!” Even though Sarah Allen writes middle-grade and YA, I think this is more of a middle grade book. When I first learned about volume, it was a little confusing, and I wasn’t sure what the purpose of learning volume was. I eventually understood it better when I practiced in class, because we did a lot of volume activities last year! I think that if I would have learned a little bit about volume in class, then read this book, I would understand it better. Not only would I be familiar with the measurement, but I would be learning be reading an interesting book, not a boring old textbook. I have yet to learn about the Bernoulli’s Principle, but I will definitely be ahead of the class when I do, and I love being ahead! πŸ˜€ I really think that anytime I am ever confused about physics again, I can definitely look at more of Sarah Allen’s books. It’s pretty obvious that Allen’s goal is to make physics easier to understand. I recommend her books to anyone that is learning physics, having trouble with physics, wanting to be ahead of the physics class, or simply wanting to learn about physics in an easy way. I can’t wait to read more of her books!


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