Paper Towns

Published August 5, 2015 by Bella

All the different cover arts of the English edition of Paper Towns by John Green

Author John Green

Pages 336

Original Price $9.99


In Paper Towns, Margo, Quentin’s long-time crush (and neighbor) prank a bunch of people that Margo is mad at. Then, Margo disappears the next day, leaving Quentin clues to find her. Margo loved mysteries and became one. Plus, Quentin’s friends are thinking he is going way too far. Quentin ends up skipping prom and graduation because he is desperate to find Margo. With Quentin and Lacey’s knowledge, Radar’s brains, and Ben’s craziness, they go on the ultimate quest to find Margo Roth Spiegelman.

My Thoughts

I always liked John Green’s writing, because he always give the character’s interesting personalities. I liked the whole paper town ordeal, I thought it was very interesting. My favorite character has to be Ben, because he is super funny, like the time he super glued a “beer sword” to his hand. I also thought it was interesting that nobody knew who Margo really is. Is Margo the popular girl, the adventurous girl, or someone who just doesn’t like to be around people. In the ending, it seems as if Margo isn’t that happy to see them. Although this book was quite entertaining, I didn’t really understand the ending, and then when I understood it, I wish the book would have gone on more. I think any one who enjoys mystery, drama, and humorous novels will love this novel by John Green.


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