Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lighting Thief

Published August 2, 2015 by modelingblogger

Percy is a half-blood that means he’s part god, which is super cool! When Percy’s mom drives him to this half blood camp for people like him, he gets really sad because he finds out his mom can’t come with him because there is a magic border to keep monsters out. On his first day his dad claims him so gets put into cabin 3, the Poseidon cabin. He is the only kid in that cabin, because he has no brothers or sisters.  When Zeus’ lighting bolt goes missing, it’s time for Percy and his friends to step up to the plate and find the bolt. They run into many problems on the way, like running into Ares, the war god, and that’s a big problem.

You can click the link below to buy the book from Amazon.

The Lightning Thief
Hope you enjoy reading the book!


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