The Oath Saga: Whispering Wind

Published July 28, 2015 by Bella

Cover of Whispering WInd

Author Karlie Mavre

Pages 482

Original Price $16.99 on amazon


Taryn has been hiding her entire life, because of her unique abilities. When she moves away to Williams, her mom actually lets her out of the house! Taryn is so excited when she learns that she can go to public school. But, the truth unfolds that she is secretly a Gaias. She learns that she has a power that is forbidden to use by the elder council, and if the elder council is notified, she will be killed. Having this magnificent power brings a lot of danger to her, but she escapes whatever danger is brought to her. Larkin, is also a Gaias, and has dreamt of this girl since his 12th birthday. When Larkin learns about her arrival in Williams, he is drawn to her. Even with all the action and drama in this wonderful book, Karlie Marve and Karin Reeve still add a beautiful romance story.

My Thoughts

I was absolutely obsessed with this book. I can’t believe I read this book in 2 days! This book is amazing. I like the events and the outcomes of the events. My favorite character was Larkin, because he is so sweet to Taryn. I also thought it was interesting that Larkin has dreams about Taryn. I also liked how he slept outside her window to make sure she was safe. Although the chapters were too long, Karlie Marve and Karin Reeve have done a wonderful job creating a great paranormal-romance story that all romance readers and paranormal readers will love. I am so excited that Karlie Marve is letting me review the first 3 books, because I just know this is a great series!


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