August Author of the Month

Published July 28, 2015 by Bella

I wanted to let my viewers decide who the August Author of the Month should be. I have selected 6 authors that have let me review their book. Before voting, make sure to check out the reviews of their books! Here are the candidates for the August Author of the Month.

  • Shondra Hilliard
  • Isabelle Connors
  • Larrisa M. HInton
  • Michael Thal
  • Karlie Marve

Shondra Hilliard has let me review a short story called Quilla’s Sky. Quilla’s SKy is a YA paranormal story about the challenges and tests Quilla has to face. This book is a great paranormal quick read! Make sure to read the review of Quilla’s Sky

Isabelle Connors has let me read a wonderful romantic novel called The Introduction. It is the first book in her new series titled Undying Love. This book is about the romantic story of Sky and Ari. In this book, you learn about their instant connection and their amazing relationship. Click here for my review of The Introduction

Larissa M Hinton wrote an addicting book called Angel Diaries: Volume 1. This book is about Lindsey learning she is an angel. But, Lindsey also learns that her father has evil powers, which is why she never met him. Learn about the intriguing secrets this book has in my review of Angel Diaries: Volume 1

Michael Thal was the first author that has ever asked me for a review request. (Thank You!) His book The Abduction of Joshua Bloom is an interesting sci-fi story where Joshua Bloom is abducted to help aliens make their landing on earth. This is a really great sci-fi story with a hint of romance. Make sure to check out my review of The Abduction of Joshua Bloom

Karlie Marve and Karin Reeve wrote the Oath Saga. I just finished reading the first book in the Oath Saga titled Whispering Wind. I will definitely be reading and reviewing the next books because this saga is super addicting! In this book Taryn learns about that she is a special Gaias and faces the challenges that the special powers bring her. Definitely check out my review of The Oath Saga: Whispering Wind


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