Peachville High Demons books 1-3

Published July 14, 2015 by Bella

Boxed set of the first 3 books.

Book 1 Beautiful Demons

Book 2 Inner Demons

Book 3 Bitter Demons

Author Sarra Cannon

Pages Unknown

Original Price Free on Kindle

Summary of first 3 books

In this series, Harper learns that she is a witch when she moves to Peachville. Peachville’s coven of witches (The Order) takes demons from their own world, and puts it inside an 18 year old witch. But Harper learns that she isn’t an ordinary witch, she is the Prima, the powerful witch in the Order. If she dies without having a baby, the gate to the demon world closes. Harper feels like The Order is hiding secrets from her, and Harper dislikes it. When Harper realizes what happens after you turn 18, she is horrified. And as soon as Harper gets a deeper understanding of the situation, she is even more scared. With all the attention that Harper gets, she isn’t sure she wants to be the Prima. And when there is so many people wanting to kill her, she definitely wishes she wasn’t the Prima.

My Thoughts

I really got in to this series, because of all the dramatic events and injuries. I love all the action this book has, and I love the setting. My favorite character was Jackson Hunt because of his crazy backstory. When I found out that Jackson had been in the yearbook for 50 years, I thought he was some kind of spirit. i would have never thought he was a trapped demon! I love all the secrets and mysteries in the book! The coolest part about the first 3 books is that they are free on kindle! I cant wait to get the 4th book!


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