Movie before Book experiment-Divergent (Part 2/Results)

Published July 11, 2015 by Bella

 They were a lot of differences, like characters, events, and items. I love details, and the movie didn’t not give me details. (Sigh) I would like the movie to give me more of the details the book did. Ok, time for results…..

The Results

I liked………… The movie better. (Gasp) I think the book was WAY less enjoyable since I knew what was happening. Even though the book and the movie are different in ways, they all have the same big idea. I had to force myself to finish the book, because I got bored. If I read the book first, then watched the movie, the book would be more enjoyable. In conclusion, I think the book will be more enjoyable if you read the book first, and the movie would be more enjoyable if you watched the movie first.

Did you try the challenge, if so, email me the results and yours might get posted on my blog! Don’t forget to include the book you read!


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