Movie before book experiment-Divergent

Published July 9, 2015 by Bella

 Have you ever read Divergent? Have you ever watched the movie Divergent? Have you seen both? Which did you like better? Comment below ;). Well, when I read a book, and then later I watched the movie, I always liked the book better. The thing is, I always read the book first, so the book felt normal and the movie felt weird. But what if I watched the movie first, then read the book? Well we are about to find out……… I never read the book or watched the movie Divergent. I always read the book before watching the movie (because I’m a book worm). So now I am going to watch the movie then read the book and tell you my results. Want to be notified when the next post is out? Follow me!! It’s the right thing to do;) You should join the challenge too! Find a YA book that has a movie with it. Then watch the movie before reading the book and post it on your blog. Don’t have a blog but want to share your results anyway?! Type it somewhere, email me, and  I will definitely post it on my blog. All you have to do as give me a username or your first name and I will say  it’s by you! Want to do the divergent challenge too? Here’s a link to the movie that you can watch online for free!

Here’s the link to read the book for free

I will not be reading the book from this website, just so you know. Let me know if this website is not a good website or is a scam in the comments section


4 comments on “Movie before book experiment-Divergent

  • Ok so I know u are doing this challenge with divergent so I have to say the book is way better. Yet Insurgent, its a totally different story! So for all the fans of divergent…. I don’t want to u to get mad so…… The truth is that the movie is totally better!!! By the way bellas bright bookshelf u are TOTS awesomeness:):):):):):o:o:o:P:P:P

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  • Hi Bella! I always read the book before the movie comes out! As for Divergent, I agree with Dee completely, except that the movie was good mindless entertainment. When reading the books, I couldn’t put them down at all. However, when they finish making the third movie, Allegiant, I probably will not watch it. I did not like the ending. BTW – if you ever want to see The Book Thief, or The Giver, you MUST read the book first or much of it will not make sense. Books go much deeper, especially The Giver!


    • I haven’t gotten far in the book divergent yet, but I just watched the movie and I think I already like the book better. Some details in the book weren’t given in the movie. I like details a lot so………


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