Blog of Excellence Award

Published July 9, 2015 by Bella

I was reading an interesting post on the blog Edge of Night, and the blogger who owns Edge of Night made an award for blogs. This award was made because Eve (blogger on Edge of Night) felt that there weren’t enough blog awards.  Eve inspired me to make by own award, called the Blog of Excellence award. I will be nominating the following 5 blogs…..

  • Edge of Night
  • Josie’s Book Corner
  • Otakutwins reviews
  • Bookish Realms
  • Reading is better with Cupcakes

If you were the following blogs that were nominated, here are the rules

  • You have to nominate 5 other blogs (sorry no self nominations)
  • Let each of your nominees know that they have been nominated for this award, by emailing, commenting on their blog, or any other way to contact them. (I emailed)
  • Write a post about that you were nominated for this award, why you started your blog, and how long you have had it. You also have to post the link to the original rules on your post. Which is the page you are on right now.
  • Make sure that the blog you have nominated is up to date.
  • Spread the love. All bloggers love it when they know someone appreciates their blog!



4 comments on “Blog of Excellence Award

  • Hey there, Bella! Got your email, and thank you so very much for the nomination. 🙂 I’m so happy that my award inspired you to create your own – you’ve done a lovely job making it, by the way.

    I will get to work on writing the post as soon as I have the chance. Might be a couple of days, but I will have it done soon.

    Best wishes,

    Edge of Night


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