The Clique

Published July 7, 2015 by Bella


Author Lisi Harrison

Pages 220

Original Price Not Known


Massie Block has a fabulous life, until Claire Lyons shows up. Not only is Massie being forced by her parents to befriend her, but she lives in Massie’s guest house! Massie thinks that if she can get Claire to not like her, she can get Claire away from her. But that wont be so easy, Claire Lyons is a very sweet, kind girl from Orlando. Whenever Massie is meanto Claire, she usually takes it as a joke. Eventually Claire gives up on Massie and befriends a weird yet unique girl named Lane. Maddie and her clique that “rules her school” know that Lane is such a loser. But Lane and Claire are hiding a secret from Massie and once Massie finds out, she’ll freak!

My Thoughts 

I love the characters, even though I feel a lot like Massie, I also am like Claire. I love Claire’s character, she is a super sweet girl, it kills me when I read Massie’s clique, The Pretty Committee is being so mean to her. I liked watching Masssie slowly befriending Claire, and at one point hopefully Claire becomes part of The a Pretty Committee. But for now, I enjoy watching the endless drama that The Pretty Committe has.


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