Published July 6, 2015 by Bella

Author Chanda Hahn

Pages 255

Original Price Unknown


Mina Grime’s last name is always made fun of, but then Mina learns that’s not even her real last name, and more info about her family history. Mina saves Brody’s life, the cutest boy in school, and finally gets noticed by people. When Mina comes home that day, her mom was getting ready to move to Alaska. Mina demands to know why they always move when Mina becomes noticed at school. Her mom explains that she is a Grimm and is running from the Grimm curse. To break the curse you would have to go through over 200 fairytales, and they are very deadly. Mina’s dad died at 10, and the Grimm brothers made it to 190. Mina ends up completing 3 stories with the help of the grimoire by the end of this book. But, Brody forgets that they were ever a couple, and the place where Mina saved Brody’s life is gone disappears. Mina starts to wonder if Brody ever liked him or were the feelings he had for her only created by the story.

                      My Thoughts

I liked this fairytale retelling, but there wasn’t anything special about it. A lot of fairytale retellings start with a kid not knowing he/she is a descendant of a Grimm. Besides that I enjoyed watching Mina complete the tales. I was really sad that Brody forgot about his relationship with Mina., but I have a good feeling they are going to get back together in the next book


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