The Abduction of Joshua Bloom

Published June 16, 2015 by Bella

Author Michael Thal

Pages 249

Original Price $16.04


In The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, Joshua is abducted by aliens when jogging near the Central Park Zoo. Joshua learns why he’s been abducted, the aliens are Oceanians and their planet Oceana is dying. The Oceanians need Joshua’s help to let them be allowed to live on Earth. Joshua learns there is a lot of things he didn’t know that the Oceanians were hiding from him. Even though Anita (an Oceanian that Joshua’s in love with) says they mean no harm, Joshua is starting to think that they might want to take over his planet. In the end, he learns that the Oceanians really didn’t mean to take over their planet, but something else exciting may have happened.

My Thoughts

When I was asked to read this book, I didn’t really know what to expect. I don’t read a lot of science fiction books, but this book blew me away! I enjoyed this book because it was not only a science fiction book but it also had romance in this book; I love romantic books. Since time goes by quickly in this book, it leaves a lot more room for action and adventure! Michael Thal used large and descriptive vocabulary, sometimes I found myself searching for the word’s definition! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction, romantic stories, and adventurous books.


2 comments on “The Abduction of Joshua Bloom

  • WOW Isabella! Very impressive that an author asked you to read his book! That doesn’t happen very often. Sounds like a good book. I didn’t read Sci Fi until about 10 years ago, but now I really do like it. I’m reading The Lost Planet (from the bluebonnet list) right now, and I’m really enjoying it. I will try to read The Abduction of Joshua Bloom next.


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