Top 5 Summer Reading Challenges

Published June 14, 2015 by Bella

Hi guys, it’s Bella! Yep, it’s that time of year again….. summer reading! I’m writing this post to share my favorite summer reading programs. All of these are beneficial and super boss so you totally try them out too!

5. At number 5 we have……… Sylvan’s Book Adventure Reading Program 2015. OK, so this one is very kiddish, the only reason that I put this one on the list is because you can get free chocolate bars from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. You take quizzes on books you’ve read to earn these points. On this program you are able to create teams, so I made my own team that you can join once you sign up. My team is called Bella’s Bright Bookshelf Peeps and the team pin is BS641.

4. At number 4 we have………. Imagination’s Destination. A.K.A. Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program. All you have to do is read a book and write if you would recommend, why you would recommend, and who would you recommend to. You receive a free book that is on the list in your age category. Not everyone reading this blog will be able to participate, sorry I couldn’t find a lot of TEEN summer reading programs.

3. Our 3rd finalist is……….. The Myon summer reading program…. Every Hero has a Story. This program would’ve placed 2nd, but this is super hard to register for. I am still looking for a way to register, and once I have found a way, I will update this blog post.

2. In 2nd place is Cirrculet Summer Reading! If you meet the standards, you will be entered into a drawing each week. They are giving away stuff like Beats Headphones, Apple Watches, and more!

1. And my favorite Summer Reading Program is…….  Summer Book Challenge! This is a nonprofit organization that makes sure you do not lose your reading level. The bad news is I haven’t tried it out yet, so let’s all hope it works! The good news is, depending on your age category you can earn up to $40-$50 for reading a book and writing a book report!!!!!!!!! Again, I will update this post to tell you if it actually works since I don’t know yet. To participate I pasted a link to one of their facebook pages that has the most info and a link to a blog that can also give you info. Blog Link –

Facebook Link-

Not all information on the facebook link is updated. The information on the blog is updated though, the only reason that I shared the facebook link is because you need the address and rules.



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