Published June 10, 2015 by Bella

June 2011 edition of Sweetly Look closely, do YOU see that spooky face??!!

Author Jackson pearce

Pages 310

Original Price $17.99


As kids, Ansel and Gretchen feared the woods, after the incident that happened when a mysterious being, which they called a witch at that time, took their sister, Abigail. When their mom died, their dad remarried. And, when their dad died, their stepmother finally threw them out. So they drove as far away as they could with all their belongings and a low amount of money. Then, their car broke down in an almost abandoned town, Live Oak. Ansel and Gretchen end up with a chocolateir named Sophia Kelly, but Sophia is hated by the remains of the towns, because they balme her for all the missing girls that were last seen at her chocolate festival. With the help of Samuel, the only other person in town that most people dislike, Gretchen learns that it isn’t a witch in the woods, it’s something far more dangerous. Also, Sophia Kelly isn’t what she seems….

My Thoughts

This book was a great mystery, and the author left clues here and there so the reader may find out the mystery before Sophia reveals what’s really going on. This book was super scary, it kept me up at night thinking that if I finish the book, it won’t be as scary. The author came up with a good twist to the original story, Hansel and Gretel. I viewed the marketing plan and I think the author could’ve used a little more creativity, but I liked her dedicated website idea. I wish Jackson would’ve gone through with it. I am differently reading more of his twisted fairy tale classics!


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