Monstrous Beauty

Published June 1, 2015 by Bella

2012 paperback version of the book Monstrous Beauty.

Author Elizabeth Fama

Pages 295

Original Price $17.99



Mermaid Syrenka falls in love with a mortal named Ezra. and kills a man to make herself mortal so they can be together. When someone follows Sarah (Syrenka) around, her deepest and darkest secret slowly unravels and the few people who find out are thinking of killing her. But, when they test her to see if she really is a monster……… everything goes wrong. Everyone in the area ends up dying. Ezra saves Syrenka, by trading his organs to fix hers (along with some of Syrenka’s sisters’ mermaid magic), but when Syrenka  realizes what has happened, she also uses some mermaid magic and takes a baby’s soul to make sure Ezra’s soul will stay on the beach. After the soul trading happened, she is heartbroken when she learns that the soulless baby, is her long lost baby she has been looking for for years. And that is when the curse started…… the rest of the generations in her mortal family die within a week after giving birth to their first baby.

2002 (130 years later)

Hester cannot fall in love. No. Matter. What. Because the same cycle happens again in her family, love, birth, death. Hester claims it is an unexplained genetic abnormality, but she begins to believe it could be a curse. Hester tries to dig deep into her family’s history and when she finally learns the truth, she learns that the truth can put her in danger. In the end, Hester saves her friends, her hometown, and maybe she may have even save herself, and the rest of her family.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book because it was the mystery thriller I have been waiting to read. I like how the author plotted the mystery in this book. I can tell that Elizabeth Fama spent time creating the mystery in this book. She sets the scene well in the beginning of the book, but the it was a little confusing to me. The author used descriptive words to set a vision in your head. If there was anything I would change about this book, I think it would be more interesting if the author used a different point of view instead of first person.

Interesting Fact

Elizabeth Fama and Eric Fama Cochrane joined to write a graphic novel prequel called Treasure Game.


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