Book Blitz-The Deep End

Published June 29, 2016 by Bella




The Deep End by Katy Newton Naas

Genre: YA Paranormal/Ghosts

Release Date: October 26th 2015

Clean Reads

Summary from Goodreads:

When shy sophomore Kaci Lynn Richards moves to a small town, she is nervous about the change. That is, until she befriends the outgoing Jo and meets popular senior James Mitchell. Kaci quickly learns to love her new life…until she begins to see the ghost of a teen girl in her new home. The mystery girl haunts her, giving her visions that leave clues asto who she was and how she met her violent fate. But the more she learns about the girl, the more she finds that life in this sleepy town may not be what it seems.


As soon as I close the cabinet door, my whole body is chilled. I shiver, turning toward the microwave to find myself face-to-face with her. Her dark eyes gaze into mine, her cold breath so close I can feel it on my cheeks. My heart racing, I jump back, colliding with the counter behind me.

What happens next is a blur. I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head and I am on the floor. She stands over me, her tangled hair hanging down, covering parts of her face while she stares down at me, her eyes wide and intense. I am unable to look away from her, unable to scream or move or even breathe.

Suddenly, she is gone and the room spins. I can finally blink, and I try to steady myself as the room finally settles. I am still on the floor, still in my kitchen, except it looks…different. Mom’s mixer that sits on the counter is gone. Instead, a wine rack sits in its place, and I count nine glass bottles resting inside of it. The walls are a dark brown color, and the lights seem dimmer. “Aven?” I call out weakly, but the voice I hear is not my own. I try to use my hands to push myself up off the floor, but I can’t; they are behind my back, stuck on something.

I twist my neck around, trying to look at them so that I can figure out how to get them loose. That’s when I feel the shooting pain go up through my arms, and I realize it’s because my wrists are bound together with rope and it’s cutting off the circulation from my hands to the restof my body. Desperately I try to pull them apart, but the fibers of the rope dig deeper into my wrists and the pain is unbearable, so I let them go limp behind me, giving up that fight.

Calm down, I order myself. Breathe. Don’t panic. I ignore the throbbing pain in my arms as I squirm, inch by inch until I am in a sitting position. Looking down, I see that the red long-sleeve shirt and jeans I had on have been replaced by a white nightgown. The blood stains around the collar and down my sides make my heart race faster – even more so when I realize that they’re mine.

“Help!” I cry out, again surprised when the voice I hear is a little deeper than mine. “Somebody please help me!”

“You’re wasting your breath,” a deep, masculine voice says from somewhere behind me. There is a hint of laughter in his words when he says, “There’s no one here but you and me.”

The voice is vaguely familiar, but I don’t have time to analyze it as a cold, pressing fear weighs down my body. It is then that I realize that he’s right; there’s no one here to help me and I am going to die.

About the Author


From the time she was old enough to talk, Katy Newton Naas has been creating characters and telling stories. As a child, they sometimes got her into trouble. She knew she wanted to write books when she won a Young Author’s competition as a second-grader for her short story titled, “The Grape Pie.” (Don’t let its tasty title fool you -it was actually a sad little tale!)

Katy devoured books as a child and young adult, always doing chores and odd jobsin order tomake enough money to buy more of them. Though she continues to age, her true literature love is and has always been children’s and young adult fiction.

Katy currently teaches middle school reading and high school English in southern Illinois, aswell as children’s church. She graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a master’s degree in Reading and Language Studies. She enjoys her life out in the country with her husband, her sweet and rowdy young son (soon tobe SONS – her second little boy is due any day!), and all her four-legged kids: Shakespeare, Poe, Morgi, Cappy, Ana, and Gray.

She loves creating both realistic and futuristic stories about kids, tweens, and teens, and feels so fortunate to get to work with them every day as a teacher.

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Cover Reveal- This Is Me

Published June 28, 2016 by Bella

This is Me.

by C.E. Wilson

Genre: NA Romance

Release Date: August 11th 2016

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Anthropomorphic Sentient Individualized Servile uniT

Rogan is a robot. More specifically, heisan Asist – a personalized humanoid servant that provides protection, assistance, and companionship for a lonely young woman living on her own in the city. Chloe is trying to get her big break, singing at bars and clubs all over the city at night while she pays the bills as a substitute teacher during the day. Ever since she activated him many months ago, Rogan has been her beautiful, dependable, obedient, dead-eyed security blanket. Read the rest of this entry →

Zero-Trailer Reveal

Published June 28, 2016 by Bella

Zero by Morgan Dark          

Release Date: June 28th 2016

 Rubiños 1860


Kyle Bradford is the envy of Drayton College, but everything takes a turn when a dangerous
shadow, hidden in the darkness, starts to stalk him. From then on, his life falls apart. Unjustly
accused of being the main suspect behind the robberies terrifying high society, he is forced to
prove his innocence. And to do so, he has to find the real culprit: Zero, an infallible criminal who
keeps his identity hidden under a silver mask. What Kyle does not know is that his enemy is Read the rest of this entry →

Book Blitz-Summer Lapse

Published June 27, 2016 by Bella


Summerlypse by Gerardo Delgadillo

Genre: YA Contemporary (adventure/romance)

Release date: June 20th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

After his crush rejects him, seventeen-year-old Colton catches a plane to Mexico, hoping
toforget all about girls. But a night out at a dance club crowded with long legs in miniskirts doesn’t help, especially when he meets the club’s beautiful DJ, Alex.

In awe of her mixing skills, Colton finds it hard to believe Alex is deaf. As they bond, she asks him to help her win a DJ contest behind her rich, estranged father’s back.Colton’s not a wimp or anything, but millionaires with armed bodyguards are not his ideal vacation buddies. The only problem—ifhe helps her, he may fly back home in a body bag.

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“Packed with unexpected twists and South-of-the-Border danger, Summerlypse grabbed my attention from the first enticing page. With a quirky writing style that offers both depth and entertainment, Summerlypse is an original, diverse story that will delight anyone looking for a unique spin on teen relationships.”

–Anna L. Davis, Author of Open Source(Enhancement Series)

“SUMMERLYPSE by Gerardo Delgadillo is a great young adult story about two unlikely friends who team up hoping to win a summer DJ contest in Mexico. This book has a well-defined cast of complex characters with a thoughtful focus on the hearing-impaired. An entertaining read!” ~

K.S. Jones, award-winning author of Shadow of the Hawk

“SUMMERLYPSE is a great read. The characters are real and well crafted, and the story kept me interested to the end. I liked it. I recommend it.”

— Rickard B DeMille, author ofTweet Revenge, Hellfire, Defending Daniel



Can’ t sleep ‘ cause tomorrow’ s my last day as a junior—last day to ask Miranda out on a date, and my hands are totally sweating, and my stomach’ s shrunk to the size of a raisin. Thing is, I’ ve been trying since freshman year, but every freaking time my brain goes on vacation.

Damn nerves.

Only thing left to do is write her something inspired and corny, let her read it. And wait for success. Or rejection. Or don’ t-ask-me-out ever. Or…be positive, Colton. Sighing, I bring up my email on my cell and type.



Backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace.

Dear Miranda,

A dog barking—the neighbor’ s beagle—makes me look out my bedroom window at the moonlight shining on the rooftops. Hate that dog. Seems he only cares about howling and barking. Beagles should live in England and chase foxes and stuff, but no, people insist on having them living in their homes. Whatever. Concentrate. More typing.

Since the first time I saw you, I fell in lo

Argh. So corny. Backspace a thousand times. Start over.

You know what makes my world spin?You. You’re my oxygen. My food. The ketchup on my fries.

Okay, this time I laugh at my own stupidity, but I’ m onto something. Thing is, I don’ t want her to think I’ m a poet, ‘ cause I hate poetry, corniness, and the like, but at the same time I want her radar to detect I’ m not dumb.

About the Author

Gerardo Delgadillo lives in the Dallas metropolitan area with his wife and children an
dogs and cats and the occasional rabbit. Originally from San Francisco and raiunspecified-7sed inMexico, he loves to write about contemporary teens in
distressin English and Español. So no magic, dragons, or unicorns.
Gerardo’s fun facts:- At the tender age of sixteen, when giant lizards ruled the world, Gerardo was a DJ–turntables and all.

– Cloud computing is his area of expertise–just don’t ask him what cloud computing means.

– He loves football, the one played with the feet by footballers, La Liga from Spain being the best

About his novels:

– His writing must be emotional, or else…

– He believes in the Oxford comma, but the Oxford comma doesn’t believe in him.

– Loves first person present tense POV.

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If You’ve Been Gone

Published June 21, 2016 by Bella



If You’re Gone by Brittany Goodwin

Genre: YA Contemporary

Release Date: June 20th 2016

Edge of 22 Publishing


If You’re Gone traces a trying summer for rising high school senior Lillian White as she struggles to cope with the sudden disappearance of her boyfriend, Brad Lee – reported missing the morning after his graduation ceremony. When law enforcement dismisses the case and classifies Brad as voluntarily missing, Lillian becomes desperate to prove that he couldn’t have just walked away. Not from his friends. Not from his family. Not from her.

Launching her own investigation into the darker side of her small North Carolina town, Lillian begins to uncover secrets from Brad’s past that force her to question everything she thought she knew about him and their relationship.

“Soul-stirring… Truly one of the most innovative voices to come along in a while. Goodwin has weaved an engaging web of deceit and intrigue that embodies not only her storytelling prowess but highlights her visionary filmmaking abilities in novel form.” (Justin Price, creator of ‘Future’ SVOD channel)


I would rate If You’re Gone 5 out of 5 stars! I really liked how I never got bored throughout the book, which happens in about 75% of the books I read. I would have never figured out the ending, but I do wish it was more intense. Although it didn’t seem boring, I felt like it was dragging bon, as if the author was getting bored at writing that part.

It was definitely worth reading. I would recommend it to any friend who enjoys the categories

  • Romance
  • Soft Mystery (Opposite of intense mystery)
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Young Adult

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If You’re Gone will be available June 20th, 2016 from Edge of 22 Publishing.
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Book Trailer:

If it isn’t buffering, click the link below:

About the Author

unspecified-4.jpegBrittany Goodwin is an author, screenwriter and director, best known for the internationally distributed faith-based feature films, Secrets in the Snow and Secrets in the Fall, which have both been awarded the highest honor of five Doves from the
Dove Foundation. Brittany lives outside Nashville, TN with her husband and every gr
owing number of rescue pets. She enjoys traveling with her husband and dogs, DIY projects, quoting John Hughes films, playing (and winning!) movie trivia games, and binge-watching Investigation Discovery Channel. A self-proclaimed armchair detective, Brittany is an active member of many Missing Persons blogs and Facebook pages, which inspired the topic of her debut YA novel, If You’re Gone.

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Cheerleading Can Be Murder

Published June 9, 2016 by Bella

Cheerleading can be Murder review banner

Goodreads Summary

Getting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose…
For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces her competition head-on, but when her life is threatened, that takes the competition to a whole new level.
High school is never easy, and freshman year is off to a rough start…
Between Dakota’s uniform being ripped up and masked vandals trashing another girl’s house, everyone is suspect. To complicate matters further, Dakota has a thing for Andy McGraw, but she finds him locking lips with another girl.
The harassment continues, Read the rest of this entry →

Bella’s Bright Bookshelf Is Officially 1 Year Old!

Published May 26, 2016 by Bella


It’s Bella’s Bright Bookshelf’s first birthday!black-calligraphy-happy-birthday-fireworks-wishes-animated-gif-2

To celebrate I will be giving away a free copy of Since You’ve Been Gone! Rafflecopter will be hosting this giveaway, and it will close June 2. Here’s the link:


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